Rabu, 26 Oktober 2011

A good purchase

Armarkat B5701 57 Inch Tree Ivory

Armarkat B5701 57 Inch Tree Ivory

I purchased this for my multi-cat household and could not be more pleased with the product. It's wonderful quality for the price. Assembly was simple, with the only problem being the cats wanted to lay on the pieces straight out of the box. The fabric covering is soft (much nicer than the cheap carpet usually found on these items) and easy to clean. Don't bother hanging up the toys unless you want to clean up yarn pieces that fly everywhere.

The rope around the columns seem to be glued over the entire length. Anyone who purchased a scratching post where the rope is only secured at the top and the bottom knows that this is a huge benefit to longevity. I was worried about sturdyness, but while three or four cats pouncing all over it makes it shake a little, they haven't even come close to tipping it over (believe me, they can take out a large Christmas tree in minutes, so this thing is doing very well).

The house is slightly smaller than I thought it would be and my large cats don't even attempt to enter it, which may pose a problem if you only have husky felines. However, my average sized and slender cats love to curl up for naps in there. Several have "claimed" the top perch and sometimes manage, though I don't know how, to share it with each other. I highly recommend this or any other Armakat product.

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