Senin, 24 Oktober 2011


Damask Stripe Sheet Duvet Egyptian Finishing

Damask Stripe Sheet Duvet Egyptian Finishing

These sheets are magnificant. Although my hubby and I are not picky when it comes to what we sleep on- we really wanted to treat ourselves, without breaking the bank. These sheets are heavensent. They are very very soft and get softer after each wash. They've heald up very well- as opposed to other sheets that tend to fall apart over time. We bought the brown set and they are a gorgeous rich color. We live in a cabin, so our decor is very rustic, but even though these sheets are brown they add a feminine feel because they are so smoothe. We both instantly compared them to Egyptian Cotton (that's how soft they are!).

My kiddies love them too! We used to sleep on itchy cotton sheets, but once they saw how soft 'mom and dad's bed' was, then they started begging for their own. We caved. They're pretty young right now, but they all definitely notice the difference in these sheets and our old ones. Now we just use our old ones for ground covers in our tent when we go camping. These sheets are so worth the investment. And for the price it's almost ridiculous how soft they are. Highly comparable to more expensive brands. Super soft and super affordable. Husband and kiddie approved. Couldn't have asked for a better deal.

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