Kamis, 27 Oktober 2011

Nice bed for good price

South Shore Furniture Collection Platform

South Shore Furniture Collection Platform

The UPS guys not only opened my package for some unknown reason but left it out in the rain. THANK GOD South Shore Furniture wrapped all the wooden planks together in plastic so everything was dry. The packaging was very nice!

The package some in a box that weighs around 125 lbs. If you're going up stairs you might want to take it up in parts.

The base is 6 wooden slabs that you put together with plastic dowels and screws. Then you lay 6 slabs horizontally aross this and viola, you have a bed.

Make sure you put the 2 long, black outer edge pieces that hold the bed in place on first!!! The screws used to hold them in go up and under that flat piece the bed sits on and there's hardly any room for leverage to push the screws into the wood. In fact, I did end up flipping the bed and had a HECK of a time pushing the screws into the wood on those edge pieces.

For the price, the bed does it's job and if you take your time with spacing out the wood planks to not make any asthetically unpleasing gaps then this frame is perfect!

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