Kamis, 10 November 2011

Another solid product from a great company!

Certified By Apple Packaging Friendly

Certified By Apple Packaging Friendly

First of all let me say I am and will continue to be cautious when ordering cables for an apple device. We have 6 such devices in this home alone and are always in need of a longer cable or a more improved cable for charging or connecting to a PC. And the last few times I have ordered replacement cables I have been lees than satisfied. Once again I was faced with my grand-kids needing replacement cables. SO once again I go searching for a suitable replacement and maybe hit on a good deal.

I saw the offer for the three pack from a vendor named The Friendly Swede. The images in the item listing looked like they were well built and with good connectors. But anyone who is familiar with these cables, not all images are very good at representing the actual product. And on top of the images, the price was very reasonable, so I ordered them.

Got them very fast as a Prime member with no delays at all. The very first thing I noticed was the packaging. Very heavy duty clean looking, and the cables were in plain view, wound evenly and very professionally looking. All this was before I even opened the packaging. The second thing I noticed was the actual "feel" of the cable itself. I have been working in electronics my entire life. I am 62 now and I feel like I am qualified to say when I see a well made cable with well made material. The cable is of great quality, the connectors are of good solid material, with connecting sleeves that protect the weakest areas of the cable. And they work as stated for the devices as stated.

If there is a con at all, it is the connector is too large and will NOT fit into opening of the Lifeproof cases on the iPhone4s. To me that's a small thing because I do not like the Lifeproof cases at all because no case should tell you its ok to put an iPhone or iPod under water. That is a totally ignorant way to market an expensive device.

SO if you need to charge a device with a Lifeproof case, maybe these cables are not for you. You can seek out the cables with the small and narrow connector so as to fit in the charging port of the Lifeproof case.

I still give these 5 stars because they do what they say they do, and they are very well constructed and for the first time in a years worth of seeking out replacement cables, these are the best I have found to date!

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  1. I am a Junior and am looking to go to college in a few years. I was wondering if I should pick up a Mac Book for around $1000 to use for the second half of Junior year, Senior year, and throughout college. I have heard they are very good computers and the few times I've used them I find them really user friendly. But, I was wondering if I should get one so soon and if there are computers that are just as good or better at a lower cost. Thanks.