Jumat, 11 November 2011

Best Ear Plugs I have found

Quiet Time Comfort Foam Plugs

Quiet Time Comfort Foam Plugs

If used how I used them--rolled really tight then jammed deep down into your ears (pull your ears around a bit to find best angle)--these work AMAZINGLY well from my experience. They are the highest NRR I could find online or in stores: 33. I used to contemplate moving out of my apartment in Brookly--uprooting my whole life--until I found these earplugs. I was miserable--I live in a neighborhood with lots of loud parties that go until late in the night. These have been a life saver. I do worry that I have them jammed in to deep and am causing long-term damage. I read that tinnitus can be result from excessive ear plug use. I only use them at night--but that's a solid eight hours in my ears each day. I might book an appt to see a doctor just to ensure all is good with my ears. I would hate to give up my earplugs.

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