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Safer 5168 Diatomaceous Powder Crawling

Safer 5168 Diatomaceous Powder Crawling

I used this along with steam treatment and bed encasements/isolation to combat a mild/moderate bed bug infestation. I have seen no bugs and received no bites for over two weeks. I have no trouble sleeping now after freaking out when I first discovered the infestation. I went to great lengths to research bugs and take the right steps to defend against them because their survivability is amazing. Also, I live in an apartment unit, so there is hope for people who are not fortunate enough to live in a detached home.

When using the product take proper precautions not to breathe the powder (it will be fine once it settles). You should only need to apply a light amount of powder in key areas (bed frame, box spring, mattress piping, surrounding furniture, wall outlets, picture frames, shelves, cracks, crevices, etc.) and bed bugs may avoid large clumps of it. You might not see it but have faith, it will kill. The bottle is easy to use - I shake it a little to get rid of clumps and then squeeze it parallel to the floor to get a light amount of dust.

Overall it is a great product and an essential tool for bed bug eradication. Even though bed bugs will travel from room to room and possibly unit to unit in apartment settings, you can use this to ensure that they die in the process. Good luck to anyone with a bed bug problem (or any other bug). I will post updates on mine.

Update: Smooth sailing for almost two months. We found two bed bugs within two weeks, in the bathroom of all places. It was daytime and they were out in the open, so they were probably starved. Not sure if they were hiding from before treatment or if they came from another apartment unit. Either way, no confirmed bites and no signs of reinfestation.

Update 2: Still no sign of bed bugs and it has been months. I highly recommend this for anyone who has a bug problem or wants to take preventive measures. Just be careful to use a very small amount and do not breathe it in (once it settles it is fine).

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  1. Kirsten Jenkins28 Oktober 2011 15.32

    Tried the sprays and alcohol for bed bugs, only minimized the bites. Used the powder and by the 2nd day no bites. 2 days later 1 small bite, must have been a egg that hatched. After that no more bed bugs or bites. Vacuumed up dead bugs and has been sleeping peaceful every since. Highly recommend.

  2. Christopher Decker26 November 2011 14.32

    I will not use poisons in any way shape or form. I really love using diatomaceous earth. However, it does not appear that this one is a food-grade DE. I won't use any in the house around my cats, unless it is food grade. This worked pretty well outside on the ants. Once it is used up, I will clean it out well, and fill the container with food grade diatomaceous earth. If you're looking for outside uses, this should be great. Just be careful not to breathe it. I have also used other things made by Safer Brand, and have always found them to be very good.

  3. Dwayne Mueller27 Oktober 2012 05.32

    Most people expect immediate results, but I found out that it just takes some time to work fully. I had an ant problem at in my house and wanted something non-toxic to get rid of the ants. I sprayed the powder along the ant trails and waited. For the first week, it seemed to kill a few ants that had come in direct contact with the powder while the rest happily ran around my house. I didn't do anything, but just waited and refreshed the powder in high ant traffic areas. After 4 weeks I started to see a lot more dead ants. And all of a sudden after 5 weeks I didn't see a single ant anywhere. Since the time I used this (about 9 months ago) I have not seen any ants in the house. I waited a few more weeks just to be sure, then I just vacuumed the powder. It's a great product if you have patience.

  4. We moved into a new place in March. My husband was getting bit by something we thought it was spiders(the unit had a lot of spiders). In june we realized it was bedbugs. We removed a colony on the felt window coverings, eggs and all. A spray bottle full of alcohol works great to kill on contact. We used a hand steamer to the wood paneled walls, the bed and small ottoman. Then we sprinkled the DE all along the baseboards and bed legs and pulled the bed away from the wall. We did lots of laundry and used the dryer to heat every linen and pillow. It has been 2 months and no signs of the pest! This stuff along with a little extra cleaning worked like a charm!

  5. Beatrice Buchanan23 November 2012 02.32

    For years, I used SENORET CHEMICAL 300 "TERRO" LIQUID ANT BAITS BX6. It worked extremely well. Within 12 hours, all ants were gone. However, my latest infestation was not responding to Terro, in fact, they were eating the liquid up, but it wasn't killing the ants. My neighborhood Hardware Supply store told me that insects could become tolerant to certain pesticides. I found the "Safer" product, but was skeptical. Take off the spout cover and blast a fine white powder into the cracks or places where the ants are coming through. For me, it was under two long baseboards in the kitchen. Then I swept up the excess white powder into the cracks some more and cleaned the tile of any powder. It worked instantly. Any ants that even touched the powder immediately started to wiggle and die. I have a cat, so I cleaned any excess up carefully, so she cannot get any on her paws, as it is very toxic. It's as good as Boric Acid.

    This powder claims to kills Ants, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Silverfish, Crickets, Millipedes and Centipedes. I did notice that immediately after applying this product, Silverfish started to appear, evidently sensing the chemicals. Soon, they will be gone. Do check it out. I am SO glad to be rid of those ants (they even got into my freezer where I had chocolate!).

  6. Eddie Williamson30 November 2012 07.32

    I discovered Diatomaceous Earth while looking for a way to get roaches out of my apartment. My daughter was 13 months old at the time and I was concerned about using strong poisons around her.

    My results were very good. As another reviewer mentions, the powder is very fine and blows around easily. I used a duster and placed the powder along floor boards, in cabinets under sinks, and under furniture and appliances. Within 24 hours I was seeing dead roaches coated in white powder.

    This product does not work like a poison, so the bugs won't instantly die on contact - it takes a little time (the powder scratches their outsides and causes them to dehydrate and die). But, also unlike poisons, this product never loses potency. So, as long as the powder is there, it will keep killing bugs who come in contact.

    The research I did showed that Diatomaceous Earth was supposed to be pretty harmless to people other than as a mild irritant on skin or if inhaled. But, there where all kinds of warnings on the bag which made me nervous. I later discovered that any product sold for pest control, by law, has to contain a minimum set of warnings. The exposure warnings I did find were in OSHA documents and involved long term(5+ years) exposure in industrial settings.

    Use a mask and take care when applying the product to avoid creating a significant airborne cloud and you shouldn't have any problems using DE.

    It has been years since I first discovered this product, but I still keep a bag on hand at all times. It works well for controlling many insects and I use it in my garden now too.

    Andrew Seltz
    Author of 'The Cockroach Assassin Report'

  7. Bernice Espinoza21 Oktober 2013 15.32

    I have ants mounds in the lawn and around shrubs, and I don't like to use pesticides. I usually combat ants pouring boling water over the mounds when they have their nests away from any vegetation, can't use the same approach near plants. This product works great, if you apply it over the mounds and disturb it a little bit, when the ants get out to the surface they begin to shake when they crawl over the powder, they don't die right away, although the ones in direct contact with a sufficient amount of the product are killed quickly. Next day disturb the mound again and you'll see few or no ants at all. I'm not sure if it kills the queen (probably not directly but it does kill a lot of the workers that go outside searching for food) but it is for sure that you won't see them around that place any more. Excellent to use at doors, window sills, underneath the kitchen, etc. I can't tell how effective is against roaches but I haven't seen them around since I applied the powder in the kitchen area (underneath the stove and fridge, along walls, etc). Use a dust mask if it is windy outside, it doesn't work when it gets in contact with water, but it will again once it dries out. The porpouse of the product(in my opinion), as any organic pest control, is to control ants and roaches not to exterminate them completely; ants have their porpouse in nature but you don't want them to be a potential treat to your home, your loves ones or yourself, and you don't want to control them with pesticides for the same reason