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Worth Every Penny...Gorgeous!

16 Count Variety Brewers Hawaiian

16 Count Variety Brewers Hawaiian

I have a soft spot when it comes to books with damaged characters. Okay, admittedly it may be considered more of an addiction. I love to read about heartache and how a person who is beaten and broken can pull themselves together and rise above.

Gabby is broken in a heart-wrenching way. After she loses a piece of her life, and herself, she moves cross-country to start over. Or so she believes. Really Gabby has become numb, living her life just to live it.

When she accidentally stumbles upon Brad, something stirs inside of Gabby. He's sweet and funny, and there's something about his easygoing lifestyle that draws her in. And then there's Dane, barging into her life with his bright green eyes and killer body. He's sexy and successful, and he happens to be interested in her.

But what Gabby really needs more than anything right now is a friend. Someone to pick up the pieces and help her place them back together. Someone that can help her begin to heal her damaged heart before she can find love again.

I LOVED LOVED this book! Beth Michele made me feel Gabby's pain, her desire to move on with her life, and her reluctance to let go of the past. For anyone who has ever lost a loved one, this story will pull at your heartstrings. Captivating and emotional with laugh out loud moments, Love Love drew me in and enchanted me until the last page.

I have to mention a side character, Gabby's best friend and roommate, Fran. I loved her so much! I connected with Fran on a personal level and adored her quirky sense of humor, as well as her hunger for the opposite sex.

Overall, this was a truly amazing read that gave me what I look for in a good book--sweet romance with a HEA.

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